Middletown Veterinary Hospital was established by Dr. David Beste and has been serving the MOT area since 1982!

Our goal at all times is to provide a safe, healthy, clean and happy environment for all pets that are being cared for by us.

We strive for the best here at Middletown Veterinary Hospital, and work very hard to ensure the best care and compassion possible for all of our furry patients.

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Our Superstars And Their Pets!

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Recent News

It has become evident that there is an outbreak of an upper respiratory infection in the Delmarva area. Cases of coughing dogs have been coming to us from exposures at dog parks, boarding facilities, veterinary hospitals including Middletown Veterinary Hospital, and even walking outdoors where other infected dogs have been. It is extremely contagious and likely transmitted by sharing the same air as infected dogs. Dogs are not showing symptoms until about 5-10 days after they have been infected, making it impossible to identify infected dogs and quarantine them before they can transmit the infection. As a veterinary hospital, we feel compelled to examine and treat any dog with an upper respiratory infection in our facility. If you have any questions concerning visiting our veterinary hospital, grooming facility, or boarding facility, or about recommended precautions or vaccinations, please give us a call at 302-378-2342.
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“Pets Are Not Our Whole Lives, But They Make Our Lives Whole.”