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Required boarding vaccinations:

Canines                          Felines

Rabies $10                         Rabies $10

DHLPP $21                        FVRCP $16

Bordetella $13

Canine Influenza $34

Please make sure to provide vaccine records at drop off, if vaccines were given elsewhere. Any vaccines that are needed will be given upon arrival.

Canine regular boarding prices:
For one dog: $29.00/day

More than one dog boarding together:
One dog pricing plus each additional dog: $26.00/day

More than one dog boarding separately:
For the second dog: $27.00/day

Canine Suite boarding prices:
(includes 1 playtime/day)
$45.00/day/dog without Webcam

Playtimes are $8 per session in which you can choose once a day, twice a day, every other day, or you can mix it up however you’d like! Playtimes are additional to regular boarding, or if your pet is in a suite (one play time per day is included), you can add any additional sessions.

Pricing for Felines:
For one cat: $23.00/day

More than one cat boarding together:
One cat pricing plus each additional cat: $21.00/day

More than one cat boarding separately:
For the 2nd cat: $22.00/day

Please feel free to call us and set up  a boarding tour appointment! Our kennel staff would be happy to take you on a tour of our boarding facility!

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Resort & Spa Reception Desk Hours

Monday – Friday  8am-7pm
Saturday 8am-3pm
Sunday 4pm-7pm

If we are approaching the busy summer months we want to make sure we can accommodate your boarding needs. Don’t delay! Make your Boarding reservation now.

During the summer months we recommend dropping off an hour before close so we can make sure your pets are comfortable and settled before bedtime.

Canine Accommodations

Our kennels feature indoor and outdoor accessibility, heated concrete floors, air conditioning, and plenty of individualized attention. Our runs are spacious and comfortable for even the largest breeds. We offer beds with blankets for every visitor, or you may choose to provide bedding from home. We can give special attention to any visitor needing medication(s) or special diets. We also offer VIP suites, where your canine can have his very own room with a bed and room service. Our outside runs are surrounded by a perimeter fence for extra security. For the energetic pet in your life, we also conduct playtime sessions in this yard as well. You may decide to keep your family members together in the same run for companionship. We love dogs, and it shows! Your pet’s visit will be fun and comfortable for them!

We are more than happy to serve meals from home, we just ask that you prepackage them according to feeding. We also offer Royal Canin GI low fat food for our guests.

Feline Accommodations

Your feline member will absolutely love staying with us. Our kitty condo’s feature multi level living, plenty of natural light, luxurious bedding, and breathtaking views. The cats can be assured of never having a canine visitor in their retreat. Our cattery is a tranquil and serene place. Your cat will receive individualized attention and tender loving care. We understand cats and their special needs. We typically feed Science Diet Low Maintenance Adult Food to our guests, but will also be happy to serve meals from home.