What is the difference between a Boarding Bath and Grooming?


If you’ve requested for your dog to receive a bath while boarding, it will be given on the day of departure. Boarding baths include just being cleaned and dried. Please pick up your pet AFTER 2 PM Monday – Saturday if receiving a bath. You will not be charged a boarding fee for Monday – Saturday stays with a bath the last day. The Boarding Bath fee is $31. If your pickup day is a Sunday, Sundays always incur a boarding fee and the pickup hours are 4pm-8pm. The Boarding Bath fee is $31.


When planning your pet’s Resort stay, please schedule Grooming ahead of time to guarantee availability. Grooming is available Monday – Saturday. Groomers determine the price of each dog’s groom based on condition of coat, breed, and time taken on each individualized groom. Prices start at $55 and will be increased as needed. Grooming includes a bath, basic brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, and shave down.

Feline grooming is available but requires sedation and an exam prior to their sedated groom. Exams are $49 and then sedated feline grooms start at $90.