All play times are individualized and Resort guests do not mix or mingle with each other as a safety precaution. Having fun while getting one on one time with our team is quite the treat during your pet’s doggy or kitty vacation with us!

For our canine friends, this is the opportunity for individualized one on one attention, love, and play with our resort team! It gives them an opportunity to take time for a long sniff in the grassy yard, lots of belly rubs, cuddle time, and to enjoy the outdoor play yard one on one with a member of our resort team. Some dogs love fetch, while others love showing off their tricks! It’s a guaranteed awesome way to get extra attention and loving from our Resort team either outdoors or in our indoor play room if weather prevents extended outdoor time.

For our feline friends, our climbing tree in our cattery is the ultimate explore and play area! There is also a fish tank for relaxation and watching their finned friends! Kitty snuggles, chasing cat toys, and plenty of pounce time is guaranteed during their play time sessions with our Resort team.

Playtimes are scheduled sessions and can be a $8 add-on to your pet’s Resort stay with us! You can choose once a day, twice a day, every other day, or mix it up however you’d like! If your dog is scheduled for a Suite, one play time per day is already included!