This Splash & Play invitation is only for our special Resort guests during their doggy vacations! For just $12 per session, your pup can have access to our indoor, inground, heated pool and our awesome Aquatics team!

They will bring your dog over for their scheduled fifteen minutes of pool time and let them run, splash, swim,or play in the gorgeous pool area. This is a wonderful way for your pet to get out some energy and enjoy a very special experience while on vacation.

Whether they are super swimmers or first timers, our Aquatics team will ensure they have a safe and fun trip to the tranquil pool area for some individualized play time with them. With a gradual sloped entrance and steps, each dog can find their favorite way to try out the water. Some just wade in a bit and others go for it and jump right in! When finished up, they will be dried and walked back to their Canine Kennel or Canine Suite after their Splash & Play session.

This individual pool time is a great way for them to get to interact with our Resort team for extra loving! Schedule for once a day, or every other day, or mix it up however you’d like! Some owners like to schedule Playtimes and Splash & Play sessions on alternating days for a fun mix for their dog.