Our kennels feature indoor and outdoor accessibility, heated concrete floors, air conditioning, and plenty of individualized attention. Our kennels come in a variety of sizes and will be spacious and comfortable for even the largest breeds. We offer Kuranda beds with blankets for every Resort Guest. We can give special attention to any Resort Guest needing medication(s) or special diets.

The outside of kenneled areas are surrounded by a perimeter fence for extra security.

For the energetic pet in your life, we also conduct playtime sessions in this yard as well. You may decide to keep your family members together in the same run for companionship. We love dogs, and it shows! Your pet’s Resort stay will be fun and comfortable for them!

We are more than happy to serve meals from home, we just ask that you prepackage them according to feeding. We also offer Royal Canin GI low fat food for our guests.

Pricing for Canine Kennels:

  • For one dog: $29.00/day
  • 2ND dog SHARING THE SAME kennel is an additional $26/day
  • 2nd dog in SEPARATE kennel is $27/day
  • Diabetic Boarding Fee – $59/day per animal