Presurgical Bloodwork

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As part of our commitment to the well being of your pet, in providing the safest care, we recommend a pre-anesthetic blood screening. This is to ensure that the risk of the anesthesia is a minimum, by ruling out pre-existing internal problems (especially liver and kidney problems) that may not be physically evident but could possibly lead to complications. Other risks include cardiovascular collapse and respiratory failure.

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This blood screen is the same as those performed by you own physician prior to undergoing anesthesia The result will also serve as a reference for future use, should your pet become ill.

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We also recommend an e-collar for your pet after surgery, this will prevent the animal from licking at the incision. Would you like to avail for either a plastic e-collar (cone) or soft e-collar (donut-like)?*
It is the perfect time to consider permanent identification for your pet in case of an emergency. We offer Pet Link Microchipping which can be implanted while your pet is under sedation. Microchipping is an excellent tol to prove ownership and provides a resource for animal shelters to contact you in case your animal is separated from you. Would you like to have the microchip implanted?*
Has your pet been given any food / water after 6 pm last night?*